Lord Help me I need money fast!!

We have l been here. When we need we think it is the end of the world. We feed off anxiety and fear. It consumes us and we feel helpless. When is the bill due, will we have enough, Lord please send money.

What we do not pray is, Thanks Lord for what you have provided me, Thank you for allowing me to live today, Thank you for this sunny day that I can be in, How can I please you today?

The Lord told us how to pray and not once did it include money or things. He told us to first seek the kingdom of God then all things are added to you. If we are to ask for help, we first need to think how will this benefit the Lord or how can I use this funds to help another. We are consumed upon me and what I need. We forget there are others in far worse conditions. Did we think to pray for them as we was asking for ourselves?

Wouldn’t a father be more inclined to help someone who was providing for someone else or asking for their well being as we asked for ours? We sometimes think money is what we need to live. This is an error on our parts as the Bible tells us we are alive and breathing because of God. every Word he speaks is bread to us. This is why the Lord and others since then have fasted 40 days to seek God and his righteousness alone.

We also forget to seek God when we are better off also. Or we do not give glory to the Lord when he helps us our, Or we complain when we get what he provides us. All these things is why a lot of the time we pray we receive nothing. As our thoughts are no right and our prayers are not right. We must be in the Lord when we pray or we can not be heard by the Father. We pray to Jesus for our salvation and ask him to forgive us. After that the blood must be on us before we approach the Father with our prayers.

We also have a problem with patients. As we seem to think God is a wish giver and we ask and poof its there immediately. We do not think we need to wait on the prayer for his timing. We think the Lord should do it right this moment. But Faith is what manifests things in our life and if we have no Faith then our prayers do nothing for us. When our Faith is tested we think we did not receive. Just because it did not appear before us as a majik lamp rubbed, then the Lord did not want us to have it. When did we think we could use the Father as a wish giver? passing things on facebook which say if we pass this along God will do something for us. What arrogance. Do you not know this is a form of Blasphemy? to Chose to think God will grant wishes for a stupid arrogant act. God is not pleased with this. This is closing in on the unforgivable sin. Its not far from it as it seeks to use God and his power for personal gain. Stop it!!

Net we have those sunshine people who seem to think when it is raining their whole life is in doom. They seek out others to help but they do not want to serve God. The would serve him if only he would prove his love by helping them out of their situation and providing for them. This is opposite of the scripture as it states to seek God first and his kingdom and his righteousness and then, only then will he add all these things unto you. I was told by God not to help people when they do this.

My Father provides for me only because I serve him. He rewards me only for my faithful servitude. The difference in a slave and a servant is a servant gets paid and a slave doesn’t. Think about this when you ask for something from the Lord. Are you seeking payment for services rendered? did you work for your pay or do you expect payment for work not completed?

You hold all the words you need to get out of your situation. The name if Jesus.Call upon his forgiveness and seek his righteousness and he being a good father shall clothe you, shelter you and give you food. I have been told there is more then this when someone is in need. Well if you seek Jesus first he said all these things shall be added unto you. If you work and do his will he will pay you. We do not work to get paid but he being a King has that power to appoint Angels unto us. He has the power to do what we need done in our lives. He is the only one who can change us, and our situation. We can not ask others to do this as they get the same order from the King. No one can go against a Kings decree. Therefore you must go to the King for help then he shall call upon his servants to help. Either in the Heavenly world or the Earthly world. But none shall help until the Father give the order.

Now go seek the King and his righteousness and allow him to help you.

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minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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