Billionaire who offered $40 million to anyone who could ‘turn’ his lesbian daughter straight doubles his offer after 20,000 would-be suitors failed


He only needed to turn to Jesus and pray for her to be released from the bonds of satan. I would help her for free with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Originally posted on END TIME HEADLINES:

In denial: Hong Kong billionaire Mr Chao, who claims to have slept with 10,000 women, has refused to accept that his daughter is gay
The Hong Kong billionaire playboy who offered nearly £40 million to any man who could turn his homosexual daughter straight, has now doubled the ‘dowry’. Cecil Chao raised the reward to HK$1million (£80 million) after thousands of eligible bachelors failed to convince his daughter Gigi to marry any of them. The 77-year-old property magnate insists that 34-year-old Gigi is ‘still single’ despite the fact that she married her long-term partner Sean Eav two years ago. Mr Chao told a Malaysian newspaper that despite offering HK$500million, approximately £40million, and 20,000 men registering their interest in taking up the quest, Gigi is still not in a straight marriage. He said that he did not want to interfere with his daughter’s private life, but that he wanted her to have ‘a good marriage and children’.  In response, Ms Chao said that although her wife had been left ‘distraught’ by her father’s interview, she found it easier to ignore…

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